Apple's Smartphone Profits Are Staggering, At 92 Part Of Entire Industry

Apple sells nearly xx percentage of the world's smartphones in addition to makes 92 percentage of the industry's profit, a staggering imbalance that reflects the premium prices Cupertino tin give notice inquire for its phones compared to competitors similar HTC in addition to Samsung.

The latest numbers come upward from investment banking concern Canaccord Genuity, which estimates that Apple's percentage of the marketplace is growing exponentially fifty-fifty viii years afterward the original iPhone's debut. In the outset quarter of concluding year, Apple took abode 65 percentage of the smartphone industry's profits. Samsung's percentage is nearly fifteen percentage compared to Apple's 92 percent. (Other companies lost money, which is why Apple in addition to Samsung brand upward to a greater extent than than 100 percentage of profits.)

Apple also pulls inwards a disproportionate total of PC profits. According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple sells only 6 of every 100 computers sold, but made to a greater extent than than one-half of the industry's profits concluding year.

So how does Apple brand in addition to then much to a greater extent than coin than its rivals despite producing fewer phones in addition to computers? It charges a premium for its products that no other companionship tin give notice demand. Last year, an iPhone sold for $624, on average, compared to $185 for an Android handset. As the WSJ notes, other telephone makers similar Samsung in addition to Microsoft don't rely on smartphone hardware every bit their master copy revenue stream. Instead, they hold off apps in addition to accessories--and inwards Samsung's case, hardware components--to convey inwards cash.

Why this matters: Apple's monopoly of smartphone manufacture profits makes it clear that its strategy is a smart one--which is likely why Cupertino is reportedly gearing upward to sell ninety meg iPhone 6s in addition to 6s Plus units past times the goal of the year. The companionship sold 74.5 meg iPhones inwards the outset quarter of the twelvemonth in addition to approximately other 61.2 meg inwards the minute quarter, breaking its ain records inwards the process, in addition to then preparing to come across involve amongst ninety meg novel phones doesn't audio in addition to then crazy.

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