How To Disable Autocorrect Inward Bone X

Knowing how to plough off autocorrect tin dismiss set a destination to the incorrect words coming from your mouth. Or at to the lowest degree inwards your docs together with email.

You tin dismiss plough off the autocorrect characteristic inwards Mavericks together with Yosemite system-wide or on an per-application basis. To plough it off system-wide, perform these steps:

1. Open System Preferences.

2. Click on the Keyboard preferences icon to opened upward the menu.

3. Click the Text tab.

4. Uncheck the alternative for "Correct spelling automatically."

With this alternative checked, text fields across the whole organisation volition automatically render text corrections every bit you lot type. By unchecking "Correct spelling automatically," you'll disable this characteristic for all apps. Also, spell you're inwards the Text tab of Keyboard preferences, you lot tin dismiss modify dictionaries past times clicking on the "Spelling" drop-down menu.

In addition, tin dismiss likewise disable autocorrect on a per-application reason inside many apps. Follow these steps to disable it inwards Mail:

1. Launch Apple Mail.

2. Open a novel message window, together with house the text insertion dot inwards the trunk of the email.

3. Click Edit > Spelling together with Grammar, together with hence click the alternative for "Correct Spelling Automatically." Doing this volition take away the following checkmark, which indicates the feature's activation state.

Now, when you lot compose a message inwards Mail, the auto-correct characteristic volition no longer ameliorate your misspellings. Instead, you lot tin dismiss role Edit > Spelling together with Grammar > Check Document Now to manually detect together with right mistakes.

Source : TechRadar

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