Monday, June 20, 2011

TEA presents The Tortiose

TEA is back for a winter instalment of warmth courtesy of sloe moe deep house and disco dabbler Torquhil Anderson aka The Tortoise.

Anderson first made a splash in 2010 with his track Bumpin on new Ducth imprint Siena, but it was his Gonna Be release on Under The Shade sub label 3rd Strike Recordings that first drew attention to the housey halfshell.

March this year saw his track The Tortoise Goes To The Orchestra on a various artists release for James Flavour and Break 3000's Dirt Crew Recordings imprint, a label responsible for housing some EP's by one of TEA's previous interviewee and song selector Mic Newman.

Slow and steady support will be seen from tea-man James Manning and capitol hill's Rubicon at Loop July 22nd.

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