Friday, July 1, 2011

TEA's July Assortment

After pillaging some of Melbourne's record stores, internet charts, online sellers new this week/new last 8 weeks lists, as well as embarking on a few people who bought this also bought this adventures, I was lead to purchasing around 20 records, the dentist can wait apparently. Some of tracks available for stream on You Tube are below.

Happy Hunting!

Zadig - P8 [Sino]

This purchase came directly from a people who bought this also bought this (so it does work for those in marketing) and lead to the discovery of French producer Zadig. Good news for Zadig as it earned himself TEA review of CONSTRUCT-RE-FORM label opener Re-Form which you can read here.

Furesshu - Lucid [Project Sqaured]

Fresh artist Furesshu's 3 track Lucid EP released on the equally fresh Bristol based Project Sqaured. This release also features a solid Shifted remix.

Sebastian Kramer - Beyond Cause [Pure Plastic]

Found this Sebastian Kramer EP for a fiver at one of Melbourne's record stores. Redshape pre Redshape did you know? The secret's out *gasp*

Databoy78 - Thursday [Running Back]

Hard to go past one of Gerd Jansen's inspired Running Back releases, this time by Databoy78 which I'd previously not heard of. Not so strange coming from Running Back.

Schermate - 007 [Schermate]

Intriguing little Italian label and production duo of Stefano Greppi & Alessandro Larice. This was the pick of what I heard.

Sascha Rydell - Marmonner (SR2) [Fachwerk]

Anything Fachwerk is buy on sight for me, even more so with Sascha Rydell. More to come with Sascha soon.

Carter Bros - Full Disco Jacket [Rush Hour]

My Adelaide hombres! Very happy to have this little puppy on wax and look forward to them playing this at one of my next parties.

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