Saturday, May 26, 2012

KITSCHÉ - Odessa CreativeSpace

Friday the 18th of May two worlds collided in TEA and Black Coffeeby the way of Melbourne's Odessa CreativeSpace for RMIT University's faculty of Architecture and Design.
TEA filled the role of musical innkeeper/mood-maker for pop up restaurant, come conceptual art installation KITSCHÉ. A student venture offering diners a "temporary social platform, facilitating an immersive eating and design experience at an intimate scale.”
A five course degustation accompanied by a selection of fine wines, storms in a coffee cup and a choosing of aural afflictions to compliment the KITSCHÉ dining experience - “food and wine through creativity and design,” pleasantly ensued.

Local coffee bean Mark Free of Black Coffee Shop, presented KITSCHÉ the alternative to short macchiatos, flat whites and soy latte after dinner pep-ups, through his “ever evolving experiment” in contemporary filtered coffee. 

To my delight coffee and tea drinkers can now unite over the one brew, the delightful Cascara, dried fruit of the coffee "cherry". 
Brewed much like tea i.e. filtered through a tea pot, French press or even a chemex, it’s the light coffee alternative for the knock’em back short black folk, or a ride on the wild side for the au courant tea drinker.
So as my warm and fuzzy, caffeine induced high kicked in from sipping back on my newly discovered Cascara, I fired up KITSCHÉ’s SL-1200’s to compliment the visionary and gustatory delights on show.

Patrons were ushered into KITSCHÉ’s heliotrope wonderland soundtracked by the deep and beatless riddums of Quantec’s “Unusual Signals”, Conforce’s "Vacuum" and Luke Hess subtleties. Eduardo De La Calle’s masterful reworking of Miles Davis’ “Flamenco Sketches”, Bocca Grande and French sweetheart Jane Birkin accompanied KITSCHÉ’s initial courses and as el vino flowed, so did the music in Gil Scott Heron, Brian Jackson, Tony Allen and Donna Summer, R.I.P.
With only sweets and wine to finish, a selection of deep house and oddball cuts from Sven Weisemann, STL, Jitterbug, Floating Points and Jean Michelle Jarre rounded out what was a cerebral sensation for the senses. 

Pic Credit - Mark Free
Pic Credit - Hannah Moriaty 

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