Sunday, August 26, 2012

Diary Of A Lonely DJ

The DJ is usually surrounded by some kind of entourage - be it booth monkey, trainspotter, fan-boy, fan-girl or the general hangers-on.

For the local-unknown DJ, reclusive selector or room two opener...this is not the case. That case is fuelled by naff warm up sets, the odd closer, bar gigs and many-a empty dance space.

Unplugged or malfunctioning equipment is usually next. So after lighting the back of the mixer up with your phone, figuring out what RCA cable leads where and establishing signal, you can start your set 15 minutes behind schedule unbeknown to anyone.

What I saw next was the inspiration behind this post. Before a recent cheerless-opener, I had a giggly conversation with another bedroom DJ who made the fantastic observation of worn out bass knobs on mixers - almost exclusively Pioneer DJMs (Pioneer effects knobs seem to take a fair old battering to). 

Flange Flange Flange.

If you are lucky the occasional group of dancers will sprinkle your dance floor and share a few beats with vodka lemonades in hand, only to lose interest before being able to mix the next track. 

A destitute Quantec remix to Aaron Carl’s Crucified rings out. Playing companionless dub techno has never been so much fun.


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