Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Intellectualism, Futurism and Obscurity

Earlier this week I woke to this email from sporadic TEA contributor Nic Tuohey. As much as I try to avoid  the Berghain-bloggersphere, I thought this was worth sharing. 

Yesterday I woke up with a killer hangover at midday and got coerced into going to Berghain. 
No regrets really. Dettmann played the best set I've ever seen by him. I would go as far as saying I have not heard a techno set like that in about 12 years.
Sounded like a set by Mills or Hawtin back in the day (not to detract from his ability because he clearly is a legend in his own right). 

It was immaculately programmed, real sense of storytelling and every track was just like "where the fuck did he find this record???" 

It would be fair to say that most of the records he played were old ones anyway, so I might actually be telling the truth rather than hypothesising.
Ben Klock was great as well but didnt have the intellectualism, futurism and obscurity that Herr Dettmann did. 

He did what he did best though and absolutely smashed it with his industrial strength minimalism.

Words: Nic Tuohey

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