Sunday, January 20, 2013

Community, Identity, Stability

Don't let the email address fool you, TEA was originally a Melbourne venture, only created in the UK weeks before my re-entry into Australia after a two-year hiatus in my antipodean wilderness.

Departing from Melbourne via Sydney, QF1 flies out of Australia a day after the hottest 24 hours in Sydney since records began - a T-shirt sticky 45.8C.

Meanwhile at Changi airport, I'm currently enjoying...well drinking, my first Starbucks' capp since an Orlando airport transit delay in 2005. A 2:15am departure time from Singapore then has me bound for London's reported deepest winter in 200 years.

But enough weather statistics, as we're fed these conversation fillers all too often, so let us welcome in TEA's 2013.

Accompanying my entry into the new year and 14 hour descent into London will the pages and prose of Adlous Huxley's somewhat fitting Brave New World, some podcast listening (including future TEA mixes) a movie or two and G&T's on the house.

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