Sunday, July 14, 2013

Steve O'Sullivan to launch Mosaic Split Series

Steve O'Sullivan will resurrect his famed Mosaic imprint with a new offshoot label called Mosaic Split Series.

After a 10 year hiatus, the Mosaic Split Series sees a reawakened Steve O'Sullivan prepare a return to releasing music. Via Facebook, O'Sullivan announced his new label will come into effect late 2013, saying, "each record will be split between old and new school producers, cut and mastered the old Mosaic way,".

In our recent interview with The Wise Caucasian, O'Sullivan name-checked Markus Suckut, Perseus Traxx, Roger Gerressen, Huerco S and Melbourne dub techno pairing Echo Inspectors as a current crop of new and exciting producers, while also alluding the label could bear new music from Paul Mac's Jorge Zamacona alias - a project Paul Mac also resurrected this year with a release on Tardis Records - and Icelandic dub techno anchorite Exos.

This year Sushitech have licensed two O'Sullivan recollections; Mosaic Reshaped & Unreleased and the forthcoming Bluetrain Retrospective, which like all of 
O'Sullivan's music, are already fetching collectors prices on Discogs.

O'Sullivan has also extended an invitation for MSS demos to be sent in a message as a Soundcloud link to his Facebook fan page.

Mosaic Split Series is slated for a late 2013 launch.

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